Athlete's Foot Away!Acupuncturist Damon Lee

This condition can usually be treated quite successfully by anti-fungal creams. The condition returns quickly if you sweat a lot, after long hours of wearing tight shoes or boots, in hot weather, or upon subjection to a combination of different factors. The itching and inflamed conditions are very irritable, especially when the "attack" comes at the most inappropriate times (e.g. while you're talking to your boss!).

A friend told me a very simple method that eliminated my 30-year old buddy in just three days.

Submitted by:
Damon Lee
R. Ac., R.P.N. (604) 464-6061

Remedy your feet...

    (1) Grind 2-3 Aspirin (A.S.A.) tablets into powder.

    (2) Mix the powder with a non-greasy cream, such as hand moisturizer or even toothpaste.

    (3) Before bed-time, wash your feet and apply the mixture to the affected areas (between toes).

    (4) Put cotton socks on to protect your bedding.

    (5) Wash your feet the next morning, and dry well.

    (6) Repeat the treatment again for another 2-3 nights (consecutively).

Your Athlete's foot will have Gone Fishin'

(Note: See your doctor if conditions don't improve,
also be careful of reactions if you have sensitive skin.)