Bio-EnergyAcupuncturist Damon Lee

Theoretically, all living organisms are made or built of basic units- cells. When the cells are carrying out their functions, the organism is considered alive. During the very comples process, the cells produce energy that can be either stored or spent.

We don't know the size of the universe or how many planets exist in it. What we do know is that our Earth is one, among many. Each planet has connections with each other, no matter how far apart they are. The same applies to the cells in our bodies. Cells are matter. Our body (matter) is controlled and monitored by the brain (also matter). The force or energy that operates these other matters is produced by the cellular matter. The control centre of this force (life force) is the mind.

Scientific Explanation of Energy

I prefer to use the name "Bio-Energy Therapy" instead of the Chinese medical term "Qi-Kung," as every living organism can produce this energy from their cellular functions. During the comples energy metabolism, either aerobic or anaerobic, the final result is to prudce the special carier for cellular energy- adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is the "energy current" of the cell, and energy can be saved or spent. Oxidative metabolism generatese 90% of the body's energy needs, but at the same time, gives us highly reactive and unstable molecules called free radicals. Free radicals can cause significant cellular damage, leading to the development of chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease and mental illnesses. Of course, external sources such as air pollution, tobacco smoke and stress can further create more damage to our bodily functions.

"Bio-Energy Therapy" is a combination of visualization, positive thinking, meditation, specially designed body movements or postures, and breathing exercises. This combination is used in order to increase the utilization of anaerobic metabolic process which produces less free radicals. Antioxidant chemicals (NADH, NADPH) are important in protecting cells from damage due to the free radicals. After practicing this exercise, the individual will have better health, improved peace of mind, be more positive about his or her life, and will always be feeling relaxed.

After practicing the "Bio-Energy Therapy," your body will save the ATP (the high energy bonds), making your rich, and able to afford much more spending. Through the channelling of energy from the practitioner, using mind over matter, he or she can use the hands to heal others. A lot of acute mental and physical problems, such as pains and stresses can be helped. During the healing process, usually the patient can feel the heat from the practitioner's hands, or has a tingling sensation and a sense of well-being. Patients are usually advised to consult with his or her doctor if the symptoms disappear.

What is the Goal of Practicing Bio-Energy Therapy?

If the mind is the highest control centre, it should always maintain a state of equilibrium (e.g. peace, order, sound judgement, health, consideration, etc.). The body is a country, the mind is the government and the cells are the people.

When the leader (President or Prime Minister) fails to lead, the people will suffer. Our bodies are the same. Many mental and physical diseases are caused by the unbalanced mind. In fact, most of our health problems can be improved or changed into a better state if we change the power of our mind (not to be confused with will power). Positive thinking is one of the most powerful tools equipped by our minds.

Our goal in Bio-Energy Therapy is to train our minds to stay in a well balanced state, in order to provide us with a healthy body (matter).

Stages to Balancing the Mind

1. (preparation) Inward-spection through meditation and/or faithful prayers. Through inward-spection, one finds the true self, cleanses the soul, nourishes the spirit, surrenders negative behaviours and develops positive goals.

2. Detachment of self. Imagine you are like water flowing down from the mountains. There is no fighting, no blaming, even though you're facing stubborn obstacles. To let go is the most important part. Free yourself. Empty yourself of everything. Let the mind rest at peace. You are unattached and calm. Combine yourself with nature. Use the natural energy resources such as the warm sunlight, the fresh air and the beautiful environment. Strengthen the power of your mind. Without desire, there is tranquility.

3. A trance, a state of total relaxation, both physically and mentally, is reached. The Mind power, now active, is: vivid, flowing, expanding, moving through space, experiencing extra-sensory perception (E.S.P.) and psychic abilities, stillness and tranquility. Your Mind may become elusive and intangible with images and forms.



Relaxation leads to equilibrium of the mind and body.

This wave-exercise method helps train the coordination of the Mind and body. All movements are very slow, in order to collect intense energy bonding- usually you can feel this in your palms and fingers. Each movement can be practiced repeatedly, or joined with another movement.

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