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Damon (R.Ac., Detox Specialist, R.P.N.) specializes in:

(1) Epidermal Acupuncture Technique (E.A.T.), a newly developed method that treats soft tissue injury/pain (e.g. neck pain, whiplash, frozen shoulder, carpel tunnel syndrom, muscle spasms, lower back pain, sciatica, knee joints, tennis elbow, tendonitis, etc.) with 80 - 100% effective results.

(2) "STOPSMOK" program, which is a well developed protocol to help people quit smoking successfully.

(3) Nutritional Medicine is a new concept for disease prevention . It also helps to repair deteriorating and damaged cells in chronic diseases.

(4) Korean Hand Acupuncture Therapy

(5) Geriatric issues- physical and psychological.

Acupuncture PLUS - Introduction We British Columbians are fortunate to have countless treatment choices when we are ill - along with Conventional Medicine, many Complementary fields can help us heal. While remembering that no single medical field can treat everything, it's not surprising to see that approximately 60% of the population draws Complementary Medicine into their treatment plans. As consumers, we must think intelligently and make our treatment choices wisely. Damon Lee has over 35 years of experience in Acupuncture, and applies a combination of many different therapies to yield maximum results.

Eastern Medicine is relatively new in North America, and many aspects of the practice (e.g. how it is performed or how it works) may seem puzzling or complex. Outlined in this information pamphlet are different therapies and techniques commonly used in this clinic. You are always welcome to contact Damon with further questions at (604) 464-6061 or via e-mail at <dklee123@yahoo.ca>. Other resources and information are available at http://www.holisticmasters.com. The art and science of Healing is very intricate and most medical practitioners spend many years in practice and study until they can serve you with their skills and knowledge.

The main goal of this clinic is to provide the best possible care for your health, happiness and well-being.

Acupuncture is part of China's traditional medical practice, which also includes herbal medicine, exercise, massage and diet. It is based on a history, philosophy and sociology very different from that of the West, and has developed over the last 3000 years into a unique understanding of the body's inner workings. Acupuncture uses fine needles to stimulate invisible energy-lines running beneath the surface of the skin; it re-balances the Body's energy and thereby works to restore health. Acupuncture is scientifically proven to stimulate secretion of chemicals called "endorphins" from the brain that help the Body regulate different functions and kill pain.Acupuncture treats diseases affecting any Body system, and is well known for eliminating aches and pains. Ear Acupuncture has had recent success in treating Drug addictions (including Smoking!) and in Weight Management. Damon Lee has developed the Epidermal Acupuncture Technique to treat soft-tissue damage and inflammation with a greater than 90% success rate.

Health is a state of total harmony between the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the individual, and Chinese Medicine treats the individual as a whole. Acupuncture has been a legally recognized therapy in British Columbia since 1999. Extended Health Care, ICBC, DVA and WCB may cover certain fees.


Moxibustion, the stimulation of energy by the use of burning herbs, is often used in conjunction with acupuncture. It is a powerful form of medicine for treating a wide range of diseases such as arthritis, energy deficiency, joint problems, tissue inflammation, chronic pains, lack of energy and general fatigue. Generally it is applied 1-3 inches above the skin. It is non- invasive and safe.

Chinese Massage

Chinese Massage may be performed before Acupuncture treatments to promote circulation, assess muscular problems and help relax a client's anxiety. It also helps to enhance the healing power of Acupuncture.


Acupressure is applied singly or combined with Chinese Massage. Digital pressure stimulates pressure points to yield effects similar to that of Acupuncture. Since this is not as strong or invasive, it often appeals to first-time clients, children & anxious patients. Clients are taught to apply this at home.


Acu-tapping is a newly designed therapy based on Acupuncture, Kinesiology, Energy fields, Psychology and Self-healing theories. It is a powerful and non-invasive technique that promotes psychological and physical healing. Clients practice at home in order to conquer illnesses, anxiety, fears, insomnia, pain, etc.

Dermal Scraping

This is an ancient Chinese healing technique used to treat muscle tension and Cold/Flu symptoms. Using oil and a special tool to scrape the skin surface at specific sites will de-congest tensed muscle, unblock congested "Qi", increase peripheral circulation, and return the Body's functions to normal.

Hot/Cold Compresses

Many illnesses cause intense aches & pains. Patients are instructed to apply either hot or cold compresses, depending on their situation. The 'Wonderful Egg' technique offers excellent results.


When tissue is injured and becomes chronically inflamed, there is pain. Pain is a message that usually activates the Body's self-healing mechanisms, but the Body may ignore these pain messages. Cupping reactivates the Body's healing system by creating a strong stimulation via a vacuum within a glass cup. This may cause superficial redness or bruising, which is painless and will disappear in a few days. Cupping is also effective for fibromyalgia, muscle pain, whiplash, lower back pain, and flu-like symptoms.

Qi-kung Therapy

Qi-Kung is a type of exercise that strengthens the "Qi" of our body. "Qi" is the internal life-energy that keeps us alive. When we have strong and balanced "Qi", all organs will be healthy, and the Body's cells remain healthy and active. This exercise is well known in preventative medicine. A Qi-kung practitioner can become a healer. Simple, easy to learn, Qi-kung exercises are sometimes taught to help patients maintain their flexibility and health.

Exercise, Diet and Supplements

Stretching muscles and ligaments will help increase tissue strength, especially for clients with whiplash and lower back pain. Eating sensibly nourishes the Body's cells, and foods provide are energy sources. Some conditions limit the foods we intake, such as table salt in kidney and high blood pressure diseases. Antioxidant effects of a balanced, high quality vitamin and mineral supplement may help promote better health against "Free Radicals".


After acupuncture treatments, it is advised that you return to see your family doctor or specialist for reassessment.


Registered Acupuncturist of B.C. (R. Ac.)
Registered Psychiatric Nurse (R.P.N.)
Acupuncture Detox Specialist
Over 40years of clinical experience
All needles are one-time use and disposable

Specializing in:

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