A Recovery Story from Unknown ParalysisAcupuncturist Damon Lee

Years ago, my poor little dog was found totally paralyzed. There was no apparent reason for her suffering - perhaps a tumble caused a spinal injury? A visit to her vet and several x-rays yielded no answers to the question. A week later, she was very sad, as were all her human friends.

Come night, I held her on my lap and gave her a deep massage. Suddenly, I saw her hind leg kick a little bit while I massaged her lower spine. I gave her a few small acupuncture needles along the spine. After a few treatments, she started to move, and began even to walk, albeit unsteadily. I consulted my friend Sidh Khare, who does veterinary acupuncture. He gave my dog a treatment, and showed me some techniques. Ten treatments later, she could again run faster than me!

Thank you, my friend Sidh again. Now, two years later, I face another problem with her. She is too fat!