Hand Reflex Therapy - Practical Uses

Individual Treatments: Acupuncture Points and Special Applications
Special Application Points
Note: (i) points A, B & C NOT to be used on pregnant women; (ii) Bi = bilateral & Con = Contralaterally
A: Sciatica Point (Bi)

Children with fever or asthma; combine with (C) for sciatica.

B: Painkiller Point (Bi)

Painkiller point; treats headaches and facial areas.

C: SciaticaPoint (Bi, Con)

Sciatica; shooting types of pain; elbow pain; head areas; painful/frequent urination.

D: Ankle & Wrist Point (Bi, Con)

Sprained or painful ankles; headaches; wrist pain; toothaches.

E: Neck Point (Con)

Neck pain.

F: Sore Throat Point (Con)

Sore throat; headache.

G: Neck & Shoulder Point (Con)

Neck and shoulder pain.

H: Lower Back Point (Bi)

Lower back pain in L2-L3 area; edema of the limbs;
Combine with (A) and (C) to treat sciatica

1: Upper Back Pain Point (Bi)

Upper back pain; cough and pneumonia; asthma in children; knee pain.

Acupuncture points on the palm

2: Arthritis Points (Con)

Swollen joints; rheumatic arthritis throughout the body; bone swelling; heel pain.

3: Migraine Point

Headaches (migraine type); palpitations; pain in the little finger; urinary problems.

Headache Points  
i: Frontal
Headache Point Locations
ii: Top of Head
iii: Migraine
iv: Back of Head

Internal Organ Stimulation Points
a: Heart
Locations of Internal organ stimulation points
b: Lungs
c: Liver
d: Kidney
e: Kidney Energy
f: Large Intestine