S.E.T.S. - Breast Cancer PreventionAcupuncturist Damon Lee

In North America, breast cancer has become a great threat to the female population. It seems that we just don't have the time, even when it comes to our health. Life is too busy!! The following simple technique is easy, and requires only a few minutes - these may be life saving minutes!

(The best time for this procedure is before your bath or shower.)



3-4 days after the monthly cycle, observe in front of a mirror to see your breast size, color, uneven or concave areas, rashes, and cysts-like changes.



Press gently with your hands, searching for any hardened tissues.



Lay down on a bed and re-perform the above exam, ensuring that you examine into the arm pit as well.



Squeeze the nipple slightly to observe discharge.

For more detailed breast self examination procedures, contact your doctor, health nurse or Cancer Prevention Centre.

If you find any abnormal changes, don't panic. Visit your family doctor.