Stress Management - Treatment StrategiesAcupuncturist Damon Lee

Relaxation Therapy
The Positive & Negative Sides of Stress
Causes of Stress
Dealing with stress positively & constructively
Negotiating through Conflicts
The Cleansing Effect of Nature- the Cosmo Contemplation
Let Food be used as Medicine
Relaxation Therapy

This exercise is developed by the writer to treat anxiety, depression, PMS, aging, fatigue and other physical and psychological discomforts. Practicing the exercise will help you maintain a state of well-being and strengthen your immune system. This processes usually takes about 15-30 minutes.


A quiet room with good ventilation, out-doors, warm temperature and fresh air


Sitting with both hands on lap


Picture a nice day, by the ocean or inside the woods, or in a church, but choose a comfortable place


Inhale deeply, with the nose, and exhale quickly and strongly through the mouth, making a loud "HA" sound. Perform 3 times.

The next breathing sequence will be:
Inhale (2 seconds) Hold (4 seconds) Exhale (4 seconds)

The first 3 breathings will help you expel the pent up energy in your chest. You will feel better and more relaxed right away. The rest of the breathing exercises will make you concentrate and focus. This will also help you relax and increase oxygen absorption.

Meditation Steps:

1. A comfortable sitting posture, back straight but relaxed, head slightly bent forward, eyes closed gently, the tip of the tongue slightly touching the back of the front teeth.

2. Visualizing the warm golden light on top of you, the blue ocean in front of you, the waves moving- coming in, then receding out...

3. The breathing steps:

  • Inhale (2 seconds)- visualize the coming waves, which represent the energy from nature (negative ions). In your mind, say "Rrrreeeelllaaaxx."

  • Hold (4 seconds)- increased oxygen absorption, improved circulation, the brain receives a larger oxygen supply
  • Exhale (4 seconds)- slowly, the waves are going out (let the physical discomforts, anxiety and things you don't want go out with the waves). In your mind, say "Rrrreeeelllaaaxx."

During the exhale sequences, relax the muscles from your head, neck, shoulders, arms, chest, back, hips, legs and all the way to the bottom of your feet.
Repeat the exercises until you are totally relaxed.
Your mind is very clear, and you will enter into the most peaceful and calm state.

What is Hope?
It is the opportunity we can see during crisis- the light in the darkness.

The Positive Side of Stress

The Negative Side of Stress

  • Stress is a situational stimulus that forces us to grow
  • a Motivator
  • an Enforcer
  • a Change for a better life
  • an event with a hidden Meaning
  • Physical Discomforts
  • causes Anxiety
  • Crisis can develop


The Causes of Stress (The Precipitating Factors)

1. Physical: pains, acute and chronic diseases, etc.
2. Psychological: general fatigue, inappropriate life styles, situational episodes, etc.
3. Social: work, relatives, friends, etc.
4. Environmental: pollution, housing, political situation, transportation, etc.
5. Financial: income, layoffs, strikes, etc.


How an Individual Responds to Stressful Situations

Physical: fatigue, loss of appetite, increase of appetite, headaches, tension, aches & pains, constipation or diarrhea, sleep disturbances, gastric problems, high blood pressure, etc.

Psychological: Irritability, withdrawal, loss of interest, angry episodes, sadness, depression, acting out, aggression, violence, suicidal thoughts, burn out, etc.


There are some positive and constructive ways to deal with stress:

  • remain calm
  • assess the situation
  • seek medical advice
  • investigate causes
  • seek solutions
  • get help
  • ease off tension
  • be a good listener
  • be patient
  • obtain support
  • temporarily walk away from the mess- give yourself time to think
  • be confident
  • see the light of life- Hope
  • maintain a positive attitude
  • plan strategy
  • carry out responsibility
  • be objective
  • obtain professional counselling
  • challenge the problem
  • face the facts
  • be realistic about the events
  • talk to somebody- debriefing
  • use relaxation therapy
  • treat people with love and kindness
  • remember that nobody is perfect
  • forgive others
  • forgive yourself
  • find the meaning of this sudden change
  • beware of using the mechanisms- e.g. denial, replacement, etc.
  • do exercises- expend the pent up energy
  • let go
  • give yourself and others the 'space' to breath
  • utilize your time- let the tension decrease
  • give yourself a treat
  • remember that you are not alone
  • look around- you are not the worst one.

Stressful situations lead to different conflicts. There are conflicts between yourself and your inner self, family members, partners, friends, co-workers, and people around you. When the conflicts are not solved within a period of time, they will develop and escalate into crisis.

How to Negotiate your way through Conflicts


1. Prepare yourself:

focus on hope
determine the purpose of the meeting

separate the person from the issue
plan strategy

2. Clarify the issue:


look from the other person's perspective

3. Find opportunity for agreement.

be open to discussion

4. Negotiate possible solutions

5. Commit the agreement:

mutual understanding in writing


The Cleansing Effect of Nature- the Cosmo Contemplation

    • Let's give us a little bit of time and space.
    • Let us walk down to the river.
    • Let's smell the fresh air in the morning.
    • Let's see the children play.
    • Let's see the stars at night.
    • Let's just close our eyes and relax in the warm sun.
    • Let's do something....................
    • We have to give ourselves a chance to feel the freedom, the silence, the endless sky, Mother nature....................
    • Let Mother Nature embrace your burnt out soul, and love you as her child, provide you the caress, heal your deep wounds, return you to the nest and tell you the meaning of life.
    • Let's appreciate the arts of Nature.
    • We are part of Nature.
    • We didn't bring anything to this world, and can't carry anything with us.
    • The meaning is "zero"- the Way to TAO.


What else is as important as a peaceful mind and a health body?

    If TAO (Natural Law) could be described, it would not be an eternal TRUTH. TAO is very abstract, hard to describe and abide by. In the universe, it has no sound and breath. In our body and mind, it is without form or substance. It is inaudible and invisible. "Non-being" is the beginning of the state the existed prior to the formation of heaven and earth.

    "Being is the origin of all God's creations in the universe.

Let Food be used as Medicine


    1. Equal amounts of dry figs, plums and dates, add water and simmer until it becomes pasty. Store it in a jar after it cools. Take 2 tablespoonfuls in the morning. (See also "Three Fruit Tea" for further details.)
    2. Add seaweed to your diet.
    3. Add raw white radish (Ta Gan) to your diet.
    4. Carrot juice, drink one glass in the morning and one in the evening.

Sleep Disturbances and Anxiety

    1. Use 10 red dates with no seeds, 5 pieces of the white portion of green onions; boil 10 minutes with one mug of water. Drink before retiring. (Also see "Red Date Tea" for further details.)
    2. Longan- use 20pieces of the dry fruit, add boiling water and soak them in a mug for 20 minutes. Drink before retiring.
    3. Soak feet with warm water for 10 minutes before retiring.

Loss of Appetite

Headaches and Hypertension, Dry Mouth

    1. Take 2 tablespoons of Chrysanthemum flowers, some pure honey, and add boiling water in a mug. Soak for 30 minutes. Drink a few times a day. (Take a peek at "Mums Tea" for more information.)
    2. Use 2 grams of North American Ginseng root, cook 30 minutes with 500ml of water.
    3. Carrot juice- drink one glass twice a day.

To Lose Weight

    Use 6 ounces of soy beans- pay fry on low heat for 20 minutes. Let them cool off, then place in a glass jar and add white rice vinegar to cover the beans. Close the lid tightly. Set aside for 6 days. Take 6 beans in the morning and 6 beans in the evening. This method is not suitable for people with gastric ulcers or other gastric problems.